October 15 –16, 2003

Stara Zagora – Stara Zagora’s Mineral Baths

Invalid’s International Year in the European Union
“2003 – European Year of the Persons with Disorders”



October 15 –16, 2003

Stara Zagora – Stara Zagora’s Mineral Baths


On the 15 and 16 of October, 2003 a Rilski Simposium has been performed. The topic of the Simposium was “Prevention of social-significant diseases”. The opening ceremony was in the Drama-Theatre in Stara Zagora. The opening words were of Assoc. Prof. Svetlin Tanchev, Rector of Trakia University, Stara Zagora. The interesting program has been applauded from the guests. 
The scientific program has been performed in the holiday home of Mines “Maritca-Iztok“ on Stara Zagoras’ Mineral Baths. Over 120 participants from all over the country took place in the Simposium. The main point of the meeting was the early detection and rehabilitation of children with hearing impairments. Guest-lectorers of the Simposium on that topic were Mrs Gabriel Tonola from Milano, Italy and Assoc. Prof. Jan Gronemajer from Bohum, Germany. They talked about the last conceptions about the initiating of neonatal hearing screening and about their experience in Italy and Germany in that field. 
Some Bulgarian lectorers took place in the Simposium too – Prof. Todor Karchev, Prof. Kuncho Kunev and Prof. Dicho Dimov from the University Hospital “Carica Joanna”, Sofia. In the discussions about the initiation of the neonatal hearing screening in Bulgaria took place and some leading Neonatologists: Assoc. Prof. Neli Zekova, Sofia and Assoc. Prof. Maja Krasteva, Sofia. They declared the possitive attitude of the Neonatologists to that problem. Dr. Petar Rouev, who was one of the organizators of the meeting, made a suggestion for establishing of National Central Register for children with hearing impairments. A special card for registration is created for that reason.
That Simposium put the question for the iniciating of a neonatal hearing screening – a problem, which would be discussed in the future (Belinov Simposium, 7-8 November, 2003, NDK, Hall № 9, Sofia)


Rilski Symposium is held under the patronage of Governor of the Region of Stara Zagora Mrs. Maria Neikova


Scientific field: Social health care, Profilacsy of socially significant diseases


Rilski Symposium is directed towards otorhinolaryngologies’, general practitioners’, specialists’ in social activities, ophthalmologies’, special pedagogy, eccsclesiastics’ and persons’ engaged in cares about people with disorders attention.


Scientific topics

Auditory Disorders, Social Activities, Special Pedagogy, Spiritual Care


Rilski Symposium is accredited by the Bulgarian Accreditation Concil for Continuous Medical Education - Sofia, branch of U.E.M.S. with 7 credits

The Symposium is dedicated to the life-work and great deed of St. Ivan Rilski Miraculous


Organizing Committee


Honorary Chairman: Prof. T. Karchev

Chairmen: Assoc. Prof. P. Dimov, Assoc. Prof. V. Shosheva

Official guest: Prof. F. Grandori, Italy


Program committee:

Assoc. Prof. Sv. Tanchev, Strarozagorski Mitropolit Galaction, Prof. Iv. Tzenev, Assoc. Prof. Y. Spiridonova, Assoc. Prof. Zh. Karakolev, Assoc. Prof. K. Kostov, Assoc. Prof. V. Stoyanov, Assoc. Prof. E. Hristova

Scientific Secretary: Dr P. Rouev

Technical Secretary: Dr At. Stefanov

Technical Team: Assoc. Prof. K. Benkova, Assoc. Prof. Iv. Vachin, Dr V. Marinov, Priest M. Mihailov, Dr M. Mihov, Dr D. Mihailov, Dr A. Boteva, Dr R. Hristova



Trakia University Stara Zagora, Department of Otorhinolaryngology Sofia, Mitropolia House Stara Zagora, Clinical Center in Otology and Neuro-Otology “St. Iv. Rilski Miraculous “Stara Zagora



Municipality Stara Zagora, Mines”Maritza Iztok”, Regional Library “Zaharij Knyazhevski”, Historical Museum Stara Zagora, RCH Stara Zagora, Art Gallery Stara Zagora, Union of Deaf People in Bulgaria, Cultural Club “Rodina” Stara Zagora, UFD - Staza Zagora, Democratic Union of Women Stara Zagora, Lines club “Trakia” Stara Zagora, “Pro Otology” Association Stara Zagora, National Aliance "Life for Bulgaria" - Sofia



Alcon, Centillion, Elpak, Ewopharma, Glaxo Smith Kline, Les Laboratoires Servier, Yamanouchi



Opening Ceremony and First Session:

October 15, 2003 13.30-15.30 h Theater Hall, Stara Zagora

Scientific Sessions:

October 15, 2003 17.00 h The Holiday House “Maritza Iztok” Stara Zagora’s Mineral Baths

October16, 2003 8.30 h The Holiday House “Maritza Iztok” Stara Zagora’s Mineral Baths


The symposium is under the auspices of the European Academy in Otology and Neuro-Otology

European Academy of Otology and Neuro-Otology


October 15, 2003 Drama Theatre Stara Zagora


13:30-14:15 – Opening Ceremony


Choir of Church Songs “Mitropolit Metodi Kusev” (3 min)


Mariya Neykova, Regional Governor, Stara Zagora. Welcoming Speech (3 min)

Dr E. Zhelev, Mayor of Stara Zagora. Welcoming Speech (3 min)

Starozagorski Mitropolit Galaktion. Opening with a prayer chinoposledovenie (10 min)

Assoc. Prof. Sv. Tanchev, Rector of Trakia University Stara Zagora. Welcoming Speech (3 min)

Prof. T. Karchev, Head of Otorhinolaryngologoy Department Sofia, Major Republical consultant. Welcoming Speech (3 min)

Vasil Panev, Union of Deaf People in Bulgaria Sofia. Welcoming Speech (3 min)


Musical Program

Choir at Sofia Spiritual Seminary “St. Ivan Rilski”

Vocal group and Dance cast School for children with hearing disorders “St. Ivan Rilski”, Targovishte city

Ensemble “Zagorche”, Stara Zagora


Drama Theatre, Stara Zagora 14:30 – 15:15 First Session


Chairman Assoc. Prof. A. Krastev    Secretary: Dr At. Stefanov


  1. Prof. D. Kirov. The Bulgarian Holiness in St. Ivan Rilski Miraculous Work (15 min)
  2. Assoc. Prof. An. Krastev. From the history of St. Ivan’s relics (15 min)
  3. Dr T. Naidenov. X-th jubilee Day of the Bulgarian Doctors (10 min)
  4. S. c. Petar Kalchev. St. Ivan Rilski – historical Aspects (10 min)
  5. M. Dobrev. St. Ivan Rilski in icons’ G. Danchov (10 min)

    (Visit of an exhibition of icons in the Art Gallery Stara Zagora)

Anteroom of Drama Theatre Stara Zagora

Exhibition of materials, devoted to the work and feat of St Ivan Rilski Miraculous organized by the Regional Library “Zaharij Knyazhevski”, Stara Zagora


16:00-17:00 – Transport to Stara Zagora’s Mineral Baths and accommodation.


October 15, 2003 Stara Zagora’s Mineral Baths, Holiday House Mines “Maritza Iztok”

Hall 1   17:00-18:00 Second Session


Chairman: Assoc. Prof. P. Dimov   Secretary: Dr P. Rouev


  1. Prof. Grandori –New Frontiers in Pediatric Otolaryngology and Audiology: Present and Future of Early Hearing Detection and Intervention (15 min)
  2. Prof. T. Karchev. Cochlear Implantation in Bulgaria (15 min)
  3. Priv. Doz. H. Sudhoff. Bochum’s Experience in Early Hearing Detection and Cochlear Implant in Children (15 min)
  4. Presentation of  Les Laboratoires Servier: Eurespal - possibilities and application. (15 min)


18:00-18:30 – Coffee-break with Servier


Hall 1   18:30-19:40 Third Session


Chairman: Prof. T. Karchev   Secretary: Assoc. Prof. P. Dimov


  1. Round Table: Implementation of Universal Newborn Hearing Screening in Bulgaria Prof. T. Karchev (Moderator), Prof. F. Grandori, Prof. I. Zenev, Prof. D. Doskov, Doz. J. Spiridonova, Doz. E Hristova, Priv. Doz. H. Sudhoff, Doz. L. Petkov
  2. Presentation of Glaxo Smith Kline: Social Importance of the Pulmonal Diseases (10 min)


20:00 – Cocktail


October 16, 2003 Stara Zagora’s Mineral Baths, Holiday House Mines “Maritza Iztok”

Hall 1   8:30-10:00 Fourth Session


Chairman: Assoc. Prof. V. Stoyanov   Secretary: Dr A. Boteva


  1. Prof. Iv. Tzenev. Alternative surgical techniques at cochlear implantation (15 min)
  2. Dr. P. Rouev. National Register of Deafness (10 min)
  3. Assoc. Prof. Y. Spiridonova, Assoc. Prof. D. Popova. Our experiences in diagnosis of hearing impairment among children by conventional ABR and OAE (15 min)
  4. Assoc. Prof. E. Hristova, Dr. R. Georgieva. Hearing Injury at Risk Neonatals (15 min)
  5. Presentation of Centillion: Cochlear Implant System COMBI 40+ / TEMPO+ of MED-EL, Austria - the Best Alternative for People with Profound Sensorial Hearing Loss (10 min)


10:00-10:30 – Coffee-break with Elpak


Hall 2   8:30-10:00 Fifth Session


Chairman: Prof. A. Baltadzhieva   Secretary: R. Milachkov


  1. Assoc. Prof. V. Shosheva. Behavioral prevention at children with mental retardation and hearing impairment (8 min)
  2. Prof. V. Stamov. Language abilitation of children with auditory disorders - logopedy’s point of view (8 min)
  3. Assoc. Prof. R. Varbanova. Multiple disorders at children with auditory injuries and possibilities for language habilitation (8 min)
  4. Prof. A.Baltadzhieva. The integrated education of children with hearing disorders (8 min)
  5. Assoc. Prof. V. Kacarska. Contemporary approaches for prevention the consequences of deafness (8 min)
  6. R. Milachkov. Ferdinand Urbih and the clear oral method (8 min)
  7. N. Garova. Depression and distress in children with specific educational needs (8 min)
  8. M. Milusheva. Alternative forms for services for children with hearing loss (8 min)
  9. G. Todorowa. Characteristics in the organization and conduction of the correction work with the children with hearing loss (8 min)
  10. F. Mihailova. Facial and gesture expression in the educational process of children with hearing loss (8 min)
  11. Presentation of Centillion: Results after Rehabilitation of Children with Cochlear Implant System COMBI 40+ / TEMPO+ in Bulgaria (10 min)


10:00-10:30 – Coffee-break Elpak


Hall 1   10-30-11:30 h VI Session


Chairman: Assoc. Prof. K. Kostov    Secretary: Dr. R. Hristova


  1. Priv. Doz. H. Sudhoff. Cholesteatoma of the middle ear – facts and fiction (8 min)
  2. Assoc. Prof. D. Dimov. Experts’ report of the hearing impairments (5 min)
  3. Dr. G. Prakova, Dr. M. Hristozova, Sv. Karastojanova, M. Borisova. Medical and social aspects of the permanently decrease of working capacity (5 min)
  4. Dr. Sl. Jordanova. Insurance of medical care and RZOK (5 min)
  5. Prof. G. Edrev and Assoc. Prof. St. Lolov. Immunology of otosclerosis (5 min)
  6. Assoc. Prof. K. Kostov, K. Peeva et al. The brain-vessel disease in Republic of Bulgaria – medical and social aspects (5 min)
  7. Dr. E. Valkova. Early dermatological signs of the congenital deafness (Sy Klein-Waaldenstrom) (5 min)
  8. Assoc. Prof. P. Dimov, Dr. A. Boteva, Dr. P. Rouev. Social aspects of deafness (5 min)
  9. Dr. S. Jordanova. ENT problems in Epidermolysis bullosa hereditaria dystrophica and Psoriasis vulgaris (5 min)
  10. Dr. R. Hristova. Profilactics of hearing loss in osteoporosis (5 min)
  11. Presentation of  Les Laboratoires Servier: Treatment with Bioparox (5 min)


Hall 2   10:30-11:30 h VІI Session


Chairman: Assoc. Prof. V. Shosheva    Secretary: N. Garova


  1. Jeromonah Visarion (protosingel of Mitromoly in Stara Zagora). The miracles of St Ivan Rilski in the treatment of ill people (8 min)
  2. Dr. J. Vuchkov. The need and the importance of spiritual care in the social – important diseases (5 min)
  3. Protoirej J. Karageorgiev. Spiritual care of ill people (8 min)
  4. Assoc. Prof. K. Benkova. Lawful protection of people with injuries (8 min)
  5. Protoirei Iv. Katrandjiev. Spiritual car and the place of the priest (8 min)
  6. Dr. M. Hristozova et al. Morbidity and Mortality because of Diseases of Heart and Blood-Vessels in the Region of Stara Zagora for the Period 1992-2002 (8 min)
  7. Assoc. Prof. V. Stojanov, Sl. Ruseva. The role of nurses in the interdisciplinary team for concern for terminal ill people (5 min)
  8. Pr. Assoc. Prof. Zl. Trifonov, Dr. Pl. Atanassov. Computer Campimetry at Early Diagnostics of Primery Glaucoma (5 min)
  9. K. Stancheva. The role of nurses in the program for initiating of the neonatal hearing screening (5 min)


Hall 1   11:30 Closing



Culture program






It includes: 1 sertificate, 1 certificate for credit assessment, Permission in the scientific sessions, cocktail, 2 coffee-breaks, “Pro Otology” Balkan Journal of Otology&Neuro-Otology

The certificates for credit assessment are issued after preliminary attestation of the Rilski Symposium from the Union of the Medical Societies, Sofia, which is a branch of the Union of

Medical Societies in the European Union.


The wish of organizers is the reported articles in the Rilski Symposium to be published in

a symposium book with the guidelines of the journal “Pro Otology”


The sums must be paid on the accounts of the Association “Pro Otology”:



Hebros Bank Stara Zagora, Bulgaria

Bank code: 800 773 70

Bank bill: 100 017 4010

For name: Pro Otology, Rilski Symposium 15-16 October, 2003



Hebros Bank Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Swift Code: Acbp Bg 2p 720 Branch Stara Zagora

Bank code: 800 773 70

Bank bill: 140 017 4014

For name: Pro Otology, Rilski Symposium 15-16 October, 2003



September 25, 2003

Requests for participation in Rilski Symposium


The place of Symposium:

Opening 15.10.2003, 13.30 h Theater Hall, Stara Zagora

Scientific sessions:

15.10.2003, 17.00 h The Holiday House Mines“Maritza Iztok”

16.10.2003, 9.00 h The Holiday house Mines“Maritza Iztok”

Accommodation in Hotel:

25 lv per 1 night in a room with two beds (12.50 lv for a bed per 1 night)

Stara Zagora’s Mineral Baths, Holiday House Mines“Maritza Iztok”

Tel: 04111/2346 04111/2313

GSM 0887 310 114


Addressee for correspondence

Secretariat Rilski Symposium

Clinic of Otorhinolaryngology University Hospital

Medical Faculty, Trakia University Stara Zagora

11, Armeiska str. 6000 Stara Zagora

tel/fax: 00 359 42 600 725

e-mail: petar.rouev@web.de

Balkan Journal of Otology and Neuro-Otology “Pro Otology”

e-mail: pdimov@uni-sz.bg


The transport to Stara Zagora’s Mineral Baths, Holiday House Mines“Maritza Iztok” will start at:

16:00 h October 15, 2003 Nord Theatre Hall

8:00 h October 16, 2003 Nord Theatre Hall