Clinical Center of Otology & Neuro-Otology

Sveti Ivan Rilsky

Stara Zagora, Bulgaria

Bulgarian Language



May 15-18, 2003
Stara Zagora-Zheravna, Bulgaria



In the last years all the health-protecting systems around the world go through reorganization. The reason of this reform is the cost of the health help, which grows more and more. This is a reason for dissatisfaction both for the ones who offer and those who use health cares. Nowadays the need of surgical help increases and this requires larger productiveness and effectiveness along with the higher quality. Since the Health Reform has been started the hospitals with state financing experience increasingly growing financial difficulties which result in the quality of patients’ attendance.

Stara Zagora is a University Medical Center with traditions. It is situated in the center of Bulgaria and serves a large region (2 million populations) with a various according to its creed population. Since the last 4 years at Stara Zagora were organazed international, interdisciplinary meetings in otology and neuro-otology with success. There is an idea to create center of otology and neuro-otology under the auspices of European Academy of Otology and Neuro-Otology (EAONO).

The aim of the center, which is planned to be creating, is to lead a purposive, continuous fight against the deafness in our region under the scientific guidance of the European Academy of Otology and Neuro-Otology (EAONO). We believe this will be possible by inserting contemporary methods for treatment of the difficult of surgical access areas of the middle ear, the inner auditory canal and the ponto-cerebellar angle.

The center that is in project to be built has the following tasks:

1). To raise the level of medical attendance and the quality of diagnosing and treatment of people with auditory-vestibular disorders in the region.

2). To accomplish rehabilitation and correctional – educational work in the conditions of interaction of medical, pedagogical staff and clergy.

3). To create conditions for continuous medical training of specialists in this sphere, following the programs of the European Community.

These aim and tasks will raise the volume and the quality of surgical activity and will give the beginning of service orientated towards the patient, which to be useful for the society. We intend to reach this both by improving the specific activities and by improving the infrastructure, staff etc. Our strategic mission is to satisfy certain socially significant needs.

The payment for the offered medical services will be based on the possibilities and desire of the patients. There will be free services for some groups of the population, diminished prices – for others and fees close to the European standard for still others. Thus a structure able to be self-supported based on the enormous number of operated at the center patients will be created.

The idea is the future Clinical Center on Otology and Neuro-Otology to offer medical activities to the patients at an accessible price in order financial independence and self-maintenance to be achieve and thus the dependence of state financing to be decreased.

We are looking for a strategic investor or a foundation which is committed with the improving of health help in Bulgaria including and with priority the minority groups of the population in the region. We hope it will answer to our ideas.

We believe that by a prestructurating and modern management relying on the existing resources there is more to be done for increasing the effectiveness and productiveness of the surgical care. As we enter the new millenium we need health unit/institution less dependent on the state and with a bigger use for the society.





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Zheravna is a small village, situated in the middle of the eastern part of the Bulgarian Balkan Mountains, at an altitude of 650 meters above sea level.
The villige of Zheravna is a famous, world wide known architectural reserve. The village keeps many than 200 ancient houses, build by wood and stone over 300 years ago...


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